Private Chef Services

This fee is $40 per hour . Meals are prepared based on a already set list prepared by the client and myself, This is a great way to keep a family fed if your on the go and don't have time to cook during the week and or weekend.

Private Party Service

Private Parties are pretty much the same as a private chef service but with a few twists. Rates for this vary on certain factors. Parties of 10 require the use of an added hand with an additional cost. I will bring everything to the party necessary for food preparation. All service will be provided by the host.

All menus are subject to change based on budget and party size.

Rates are based on : Menu selection , cost of ingredients, complexity of the menu prep, number of guests , Equipment rental if need be, A general rule of thumb is anywhere from $70 to $120 per person. A  deposit is required for this special service to secure date.

Cooking Demonstrations

Cooking Demos are...think of any other demonstration you may have had or been to . Basically it works like this : Each person pays 35.00 a head (six people is preferred including the host but will accommodate larger parties). The host will pick a theme i.e. Italian, Southwest, Seafood, etc. , and I will design a menu and await your approval. Included will be an appetizer or two, a meal with a protein and two sides, If time permits I will serve a dessert. I will bring everything to your place of hosting. No need to worry for materials. Onboard with me is a sous chef who will hand out recipes , help with questions and make sure the proper notes are recorded for those who have an interest in preparing the delicious dish you are about to enjoy!

These are a great way to gather your friends and a lot easier then going out for dinner and drinks.

Deposit required to reserve date

Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes range anywhere from between $55-$80 dollars for two hours of instruction per person. Couples are encouraged as well. When hired for a class I will ask the student what it is they would like instruction on and we go from there. Once that is taken care of , I will have a syllabus prepared and the student will have to arrange for the proper materials to be readily available. If need be I will purchase said ingredients with reimbursement. This is a great way to sharpen your culinary skills.

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