Love me or hate me.....You'll wanna cook like me!

About Krissi

Kristie "Krissi" Biasiello is a South Philly/Delco native who took her love of cooking and reached for the stars on FOX's reality cooking competition, MasterChef.  She started cooking "as soon as I could reach the stove on a chair" with her grandparents.  Family recipes, tricks of the trade and techniques were burned into her eager brain.  Hailing from a family of wonderful cooks, it's no surprise that cooking became her passion in life.  A tough as nails, in your face single mother, Krissi will fill your belly and your mind with matter-of-fact advice and motherly scolding.  She is the new-aged "BIG MAMA" and carries the title proudly.  Using lifetime knowledge and the skills acquired by culinary greats Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and restaurateur Joe Bastianich, she is taking the Philadelphia area by storm with her authentic family style meals and delicious baked goods.  Her new business venture, "Rotund Chef", specializes in cooking classes, in-home demonstrations, private chef services, catering and gourmet baked goods such as cupcakes and cheesecakes.  "There's a whole lot of love in everything I do, and you can taste it.  That's what made Gordon Ramsay tell me that I was one to watch and Joe Bastianich tell me I'm formidable.  Because that love is what set me apart from the other contestants.  That's why they hated me.  Because I did something they could never understand.  I channeled that love from my huge family into culinary gold".


My mission is to make people happy with my food; to bring a familiar nostalgia with every bite.  I take recipes that have been passed down to me from my family and put modern twists on them.  I use only fresh authentic ingredients and try to support local vendors as much as possible.  Bottom line, there is more substance than fluff to all of my meals.  The ultimate "bang for your buck".

I offer a wide range of services from cooking demonstrations, private chef services, catering, cooking classes and more. 

Customer Reviews

"Her food is authentic. Its not fancied up too much, its made so that it brings you back home to your family table. The tastes are natural, rustic and not over played."--Andrea Heller, Glenolden Pa

"Every bite leaves your mouth watering and wanting more. Absolutely delicious! And the cupcakes are amazing!" -- Sheri Joseph, Philadelphia Pa

"She was a great cook before MasterChef, and I honestly didn't think she could get better.  But when she came home, I was floored.  She is the best chef around.  You'd be a fool not to try her stuff, or have her do a demonstration for you." -- Nicole Dorian